Desolation Sound

Named by George Vancouver, who first sailed these waters in 1792, thought it was utterly remote and silent. This is however what makes Desolation Sound so unique. It boasts a stunning environment of wildlife and landscapes yet its waters are not busy. And it is often the case that the Pacific Yellowfin will anchor in a desert cove. What a retreat to be only with your friends and family and British Columbia nature!

Desolation Sound is the location Conde Nast Traveller UK's Editor Mrs Melinda Stevens chose to vacation with her family. You can read the 8-page article here.

The Pacific Yellowfin cruising Desolation Sound

The sharp granite peaks of the Coast Mountains rise from the shoreline to almost 8,000 feet and have been cut away by powerful glaciers centuries ago. The result is an area of calm, protected waters that feature many parks, islands and inlets along a winding coastline. The weather is also warm with specific sounds that have the warmest salt water north of Mexico: you will be able to swim in waters hovering 28*C (75*F)!

Texan guest flying off the slide into warm waters

The sea life living in the tiny bays and coves is abundant. You will be able to see Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, seals, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and even Black and Grizzly Bears. Fishermen will also have the chance to catch Coho, Chinook and Sockeye salmons, Halibut, etc, to be served for dinner!

The sheltered waters, islands and bays of Desolation Sound are suitable for exploration by small boats, kayaks and canoes with many opportunities to enjoy swimming, fishing, picnicking and hiking.

Ocean Playground and Desolation Sound are two sample itineraries but don't forget you will design your own route with the Captain while stepping onboard.

Ocean Playground Cruise – water play are the key themes of this five-day adventure.

Desolation Sound Explorer – marine exploration and reversing tides make this passage a welcome treat.

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An unforgettable week with our family on the most beautiful cruising trip in the Canadian waters.

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