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British Columbia, Canada

Family Luxury Private Charters

Cut by powerful glaciers eons ago, the sharp granite peaks of the Coast Mountains rise into the clouds. The adjacent coastline protects still waters, calm inlets, multiple parks and islands: the perfect backdrop for the ultimate family getaway! It’s time. Put down the electronics and get back to what truly matters - family, friends, fine food and wine, and lots of laughter. Share your intimate experience with the surrounding neighbors - the humpbacks, orcas, dolphins, seals, Steller's sea lions and bears!


Set sail on a summertime adventure aboard the most iconic boat on the West Coast. We will traverse the sea alongside stunning sea life, and watch the sunset under the call of bald eagles. Hidden coves and inlets give us the chance to peer inside pools, teeming with life, a fascinating glimpse for kids and kids at heart. Journey into a wildlife exploration like no other. There are so many activities, we couldn’t possibly fit them into a week. This gives your family an a-la cart experience, and we cater to all types of fun!


Desolation Sound. Don’t let the name fool you! This secluded environment is ripe with wild beauty, a truly unique place on earth. The Pacific Yellowfin takes advantage of this isolated area, often anchoring in deserted coves, perfect for small craft exploration. Kayak and canoe alongside marine life. Swim in secret lagoons. Fish in the captain’s secret fishing spots. Enjoy the many opportunities for swimming, fishing, picnicking, hiking, biking, and exploring. Try our gigantic slide, right into the ocean! Feel the exhilaration of freedom in the wild alongside your favorite people, mere miles from Vancouver.


Join us, our talented crew, and the charismatic Captain for an insider’s view of the coast. With over twenty years’ worth of sailing the area, the Captain has tales to tell, and he’s a true storyteller at heart. He’ll highlight local culture and the rich history of the region. Captain Colin will take you to where the action is, with a flexible itinerary based on who comes out to visit, a humpback, a killer whale, or perhaps a reclusive bear. This is nature’s greatest show; your family will be deeply moved to have been a part of it.


2019 Rates for Full Boat Charter
















All prices in US Dollars $USD



What’s Included:

-  Accommodation in staterooms or deluxe cabins
-  All gourmet meals ‐ breakfast, lunch, mise en bouche & dinner and snacks
-  All beverages: pops, juices, and water any time of the day; selected BC wines and Pacific Yellowfin Beer served during cocktail hour and with meals. 
- Use of all toys & equipment on the Pacific Yellowfin, at the Captain’s discretion
- A personal crew of 5: the Captain Colin Griffinson, a Chief Engineer, an Executive Chef, a steward & a guide.


 Not Included:
-  Applicable taxes (GST at 5%)
-  Liquors and top-shelf items
-  Crew Gratuity (customarily 15%)
-  Fishing Licenses

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