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British Columbia, Canada


Whale Watching and Spirit Bear Tours


Enjoy a 5-night, 6-day cruise through the waters of the Great Bear Rainforest near Douglas Channel, BC, Canada.

The Great Bear Rainforest contains 25% of the remaining intact temperate rainforest in the world and is one of the planet’s most special and unique ecosystems. During the month of September, five species of wild Pacific Salmon return to the north coast and enter the thousands of freshwater rivers. These salmon not only provide food for hundreds of bears, wolves, and eagles but also provide nutrients for the giant trees that grow in this temperate rainforest. As a result, these forests contain as much as four times the amount of life found in a tropical rainforest.

It is also home to the rare white Spirit Bear, found only in this part of the world.  We will do a special guided trip with the Gitga’at Spirit Bear keeper to view these beautiful creatures while they feed on salmon in the streams. The rich waters of the North Pacific Ocean host dense intertidal life and a myriad of species including whale watching with Humpback, Fin, and Killer Whales, Steller's Sea Lions Seals, Dalls Porpoise's and much more.

Spend days hiking old trails in search of bears, kayak through private fjords hugging the shoreline. Visit historic First Nations cultural sites, and tour remote villages.  Ultimately, this trip is about the wildlife so we spend as much time as possible searching for bears and viewing humpback whales. However, this is the Pacific Yellowfin, where you can spend your day reading on the back deck if you prefer!


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Full Boat Buyout Private Charters - $98,200

What’s Included:

- Trip price includes flight transfers to/from Vancouver and Terrace Airport 

- Meals, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and wine and beer with meals

- Accommodation in one of 4 private cabins with ensuites

- All gourmet meals ‐ breakfast, lunch, mise en bouche & dinner and snacks

- All beverages: pops, juices, and water any time of the day; selected BC wines and Pacific Yellowfin Beer served during cocktail hour and with meals.

- A personal crew of 5: the Captain Colin Griffinson, a Chief Engineer, an Executive Chef, a steward & a guide.

- Spirit Bear guiding fees with the local First Nations

- All guided shore trips 

Not Included:
-  Applicable taxes (GST at 5%)
-  Liquors and top-shelf items

-  Additional tender fuel

-  International or Domestic flights to Vancouver
-  Crew Gratuity (customarily 15%)


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